Our Favorite Wineries near Seville

Who doesn’t like a nice glass of wine? Sometimes there’s nothing better! But there is good wine and then there is GREAT wine. Let us point you in the direction of our favorite wineries near Seville. If you’re as mad about wine as we are, it’s not just the prospect of drinking it that gets your […]

Our Top Tips For Shopping At A Food Market In Seville

The magic of Seville is that its foodie tradition is not limited to just its tapas bars and restaurants. Step into a food market in the city and you see a whole new aspect to the gastronomy of the Andalusian capital! We love wandering through the aisles of our local food market, browsing the delicious, […]

The Complete Guide On How To Get Around Seville

Seville may be Spain’s fourth biggest city, but one of our favorite things about living here is how the great public transport options and pedestrianized city center make it so easy to maneuver! While a huge chunk of the city can be seen on foot, the availability of taxis, buses and city bikes throughout Seville means […]