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Tapas & Wine Tasting Tour

Experience Seville's vibrant wine scene, from age-old favorites to modern delights, on this unique tapas and wine tour

10+ Tapas (Full Meal)
Daytime & Evening
2.5 hours
3 Tapas Bars
Passionate Guide

What's Included

  • Taste the full spectrum of wines found in the south of Spain, from unique Andalusian specialties to modern delights
  • Step into the original style of tapas establishment and see how the tradition has evolved over the years.
  • Learn the magic of sherry in an iconic Sevillano bar that's over 100 years old
  • Enjoy delicious tapas with your wine, and see how a perfect pairing can enhance your taste experience
  • Hear about the history of wine, and how the civilisations that have passed through Spain have affected its production
  • Get tips on how to order your food and drink like a local and learn how to avoid the dreaded tourist traps

Foodie Highlights

  • Dive into the complex world of sherry and learn why this Andalusian specialty is much more than just a Christmas tipple.
  • Learn about the history of Spanish tapas, and experience how the locals do tapas in modern day Seville.
  • Get the inside scoop on the complicated classification of Spanish wines and learn how to order like a true local!
  • You'll Eat

    • Freshly sliced, paprika-spiced chorizo
    • Delicious mojama, cured tuna from Cadiz
    • A piping hot freshly-made pork montadito
    • Chicharrones covered in olive oil - pork belly goodness
    • Caña de lomo, the lesser-known cured pork
    • Expertly sliced, free range, acorn-fed Iberian ham
    • Deliciously light cured sheep´s milk cheese
    • A mild paté aperitif with various pairings
    • A crepe de mocrilla that you won't forget
    • Beautifully prepared bull's tail stew
    • Lightly fried prawns with an international twist

    You'll Drink

    • A delicious vermouth straight from the barrel
    • Bone dry manzanilla sherry
    • The uniquely aged amontillado sherry
    • A dry white that will surprise you!
    • A deliciously complex, fruity red
    • An iconic Spanish red we all know and love
    • A deliciously sweet taste of Pedro Ximenez
    * Actual tastes may change depending on season or availability.
    This tour is adaptable for...
  • Vegetarians
  • Pescatarians
  • Gluten free (not celiacs)
  • Dairy free
  • Dietary restrictions
    We love providing delicious options for those with dietary needs. If you have a dietary requirement or food allergy, please note it when booking. Due to the risk of gluten cross-contamination, this tour is not adaptable for those with celiac disease. We do not recommend this tour for vegans. As this is a wine-focused tour, we do not recommend this tour for guests who do not drink alcohol

    What to Expect on Your Tour

    Join us for an incredible journey through the fascinating world of wine and tapas in some of Seville’s best eateries. You’ll sample an array of Spanish wines, from full-bodied reds to innovative whites, delicious vermouth to southern Spain’s much-loved bone dry sherry. And what is wine without a delicious bite to pair it with? We’ll serve up carefully chosen dishes that perfectly compliment the unique taste of each drink, enough for a full lunch or dinner!

    But eating and drinking wine is just part of this 2.5 hour experience. As you enjoy the delicious tastes available, you’ll learn about the history of wine, how Spain has become one of the most significant wine producers in the world and the secrets to making sense of Spain’s complex wine classification system. You’ll also get a local insight into how to navigate Seville’s tapas scene, from tips on ordering like a local to expert advice on avoiding the tourist traps in the city. And what better way to learn about how locals drink wine and eat tapas than rubbing shoulders with the locals themselves in the family-run establishments we visit.

    You’ll start off in Seville’s original style of tapas establishment, moving on to one of the city’s oldest bars before rounding off the evening in a modern tapas bar that completely changed the face of the Seville modern tapas scene. All this is done in the company of one of our dedicated team of food and wine experts, whose passion and love for all things food and drink in Seville make them the perfect companion in your gastronomic adventure through the city.

    And, of course, you’ll get our Devouring Seville mini-guide which is packed with all our favorite places to eat in the city. Plus, exclusive to this tour, you’ll also get our Seville Wine Guide, which will ensure the great wine flows freely for the rest of your trip.

    So raise a glass to the most authentic food and wine experience in Seville!

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    About Our Expert Guides

    Your tour will be lead by one of our expert, English-speaking guides. They’re all gifted storytellers who are smart, passionate and talented and whose excitement for this country is contagious!

    Meet them here!

    Map Your Tour

    Meeting point Plaza Nueva
    Places we'll visit Seville's Historic Center

    Head off the beaten track in the city center and see the magic of Seville´s maze-like Jewish Quarter

    Ending point Plaza Virgen de los Reyes

    Rave Reviews for This Tour

    Great question! A Devour Seville food tour is a fun, fascinating and (most importantly!) delicious introduction to the incredible city of Seville. Our food tours visit some of the city’s best traditional eateries, including tapas bars, local markets, taverns and shops, and hidden gems that few even know exist! You’ll taste some of Seville's best local food, and gain fascinating insight into its age-old traditions. We keep our groups small and every tour is led by an English-speaking guide who knows Seville like the back of their hand, and loves it to bits.
    The tour lasts approximately 4 hours (give or take 15 minutes). The tour covers approximately 1km/.75miles
    Don’t worry, you won’t be part of a massive hoard following a guide with a flag or a flamenco fan! We keep our groups small and intimate, so the tour can squeeze into small, hidden places and you get personal time with your guide. The maximum number of guests on this tour is usually 10 people and we only require two guests to operate a tour.
    We want as many people to be able to enjoy our tours as possible. Scroll up the page a little to see what dietary restrictions this tour is adaptable for.
    Given the wine-focused nature of this tour, it's not available for guests under 18 years old. For families, we suggest our daytime tours or our evening Tapas, Taverns & History Tour (which is available for teens).
    The tour does not include transport to the meeting place, or from the ending point (ask your guide for guidance at the end of the tour if you’re not sure where you are).Also, please feel free to tip your guide if you think they did a great job! The standard gratuity in the tour industry is 10-15%.
    Most importantly, your appetite!Also, keep in mind that tours take place rain or shine, so please dress appropriately and bring an umbrella if it looks like rain. Also, we recommend you wear comfortable shoes as you’ll be walking a few kilometres. Finally, while we do serve water on the tour at some stops, we recommend you bring a bottle of water.
    Of course! We regularly offer private tours to families, groups of friends and corporate groups. Email us your group size, the date you'd like the tour and anything else you'd like us to keep in mind, and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.