Here for a Short Stay? Here’s How to Spend 24 Hours in Seville

This blog post was originally posted on June 19th, 2015 and was updated on August 8th, 2017.

Seville is a city that you could stay in for weeks and still not explore every corner. However, the good news is that 24 hours in Seville is enough to at least give you a good taste of what there is to see and do.

Following our quick guide on how to spend 24 hours in Seville means you will drinks the right drinks, eat the right foods, and see the most important sights while you are at it! So let’s begin a whirlwind visit to Seville!

While Seville is a city that you could stay in for weeks and still not explore every corner, the good news is that 24 hours in Seville is enough to at least give you a good taste of what there is to see and do. Following our quick guide on how to spend 24 hours in Seville means you will drinks the right drinks, eat the right foods, and see the most important sights while you are at it!

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1pm – Grab a glass of sherry

What better way to start your 24 hours in Seville than with a glass of sherry in a local bar.  Sherry is a very typical drink in Seville thanks to its proximity to the Jerez wine region, so head over to El Rinconcillo to join the locals on the edge of the bar to partake in this sevillano tradition.

El Rinconcillo is no secret – this place is known as THE oldest bar out of Seville’s 3000+ bars – however it really is a Seville institution, and even the most whirlwind visit to Seville deserves a quick stop inside this establishment for a cold glass of dry Manzanilla sherry, perhaps a bite of manchego cheese or acorn fed Iberian ham, and to see the inside of this bar which seems to have barely changed for decades.

Address: Calle Gerona, 40

Visiting this bar, El Rinconcillo, is a must for any visit, so with just 24 hours in Seville, you better check it out!
Inside the bar at El Rinconcillo – Photo Credit: ijclark

2pm – Grab some traditional tapas

After welcoming in Seville with a glass of sherry, it’s time work up an appetite and try some traditional tapas. Walk from El Rinconcillo towards Plaza Nueva, catching a glimpse of Seville’s most modern monument, Las Setas on the way. Then, settle down in La Taberna – the perfect place to experience traditional tapas in Seville.

This tiny bar is tucked in the back streets near Plaza Nueva and the Cathedral. Run by a lovely husband and wife team, they have remained true to traditional flavors and recipes of Andalusia. Don’t miss their specialties such as spinach and chickpeas, fried eggs with potato and chorizo, or the “san jacobo de calabacin” – battered and fried zucchini, ham and cheese.

Address: Calle Gamazo, 6

On your 24 hours in Seville you can't miss seeing this impressive building, Plaza de España.
Plaza de España, Seville – Photo Credit: James_London

4pm – See the Cathedral and Plaza de España

With just 24 hours in Seville, there is no time to rest! After lunch, continue on towards the Cathedral to marvel at the exterior of some of Seville’s most famous monuments. The 13th-century Cathedral is impressive from the outside alone, but if you are lucky to be there on a day that there is no long queue, why not have a look inside as well?

After checking out the Cathedral, brave the afternoon heat and continue onto Plaza de España to see the huge and architecturally impressive pavilion that was built for the 1929 Ibero-American exhibition, and the beautiful park that surrounds it. This is one of our favorite buildings not just in Seville, but the whole of Spain, so it’s definitely worth making the effort to see!

The Cathedral and it's beautiful details can't be missed, even if you only have 24 hours in Seville!
Looking up at Seville’s Cathedral

6pm – Evening drink on the roof top of Hotel Doña Maria

It’s been a busy afternoon, so reward yourself with a drink – and a view! The roof top bar at the Hotel Doña Maria is the oldest roof terrace bar in Seville, and one with the best views in the town. You can grab a cold beer, glass of wine or cocktail. Even with just 24 hours in Seville, you need to wind down from a busy afternoon. So, why not do it with perfect views of the Cathedral?

Address: Calle Don Remondo, 19

7.30pm – See a flamenco show

Seville wouldn’t be Seville without experiencing flamenco, and there are flamenco shows on around the city on any given night of the week. A really great option is the nightly show at Casa de la Memoria, a cultural center committed to preserving the Andalusian arts. Intimate shows happen twice an evening and due to limited space, it is a good idea to book in advance.

During this traditional flamenco song, the performers perform songs from the late 19th and early 20th century. There is a guitar solo, a song with the guitar and singer, and songs with dancers accompanying too. You shouldn’t miss this experience during your 24 hours in Seville!

Address: Calle Cuna, 6

9pm – Dinner at Sal Gorda

Seville might be filled with traditional bars and hole in the wall taverns, but it is increasingly becoming known for its burgeoning gastro-tapas scene. Just a few minutes walk from Casa de la Memoria is one of our favorite modern restaurants in Seville, Sal Gorda.

Located in the Alfalfa area, this family run restaurant offers you the choice of having a couple of tapas inside or you can sit outside and enjoy the evening temperatures. You can try garlic prawns as you have never tried them before, and Iberian pork cooked in an interesting way. Sal Gorda does a great job at taking traditional dishes and giving them their own new lease of life. Also, aside from excellent food, Sal Gorda also has some delicious wine and some incredible craft beer.

Address: Calle Alcaicería de la Loza, 23

If you've only got 24 hours in Seville, you can't waste your time eating average food, so make sure to visit Sal Gorda during your stay!
Sal Gorda takes local produce and gives them a unique, modern, twist – with delicious results!

9am – Join the locals for breakfast

Eating out for breakfast is common in Spain, so join the locals at almost any given local bar around the city for a typical breakfast of tostada con tomate (toast with tomato) and a coffee. Find a bar, squeeze in and round out the foodie portion of your 24 hours in Seville in style!

9.30am – Visit the Alcazar

You know what they say – save the best till last! The Alcazar is Seville’s most important monument and is one not to be missed, even on a whirlwind trip to the city. Get there for opening at 9.30am to beat the crowds and enjoy having the place to yourself. Explore the different rooms, wander around the gardens, and dip out before the crowds arrive.

Looking to dive deeper into local tradition and gastronomy into your short stay in Seville? Our Ham, Cheese & Sherry Tasting is a 1-hour crash course on some of Spain, and Andalusia’s, most iconic products. The perfect tasting experience for those on a tight schedule.

Featured Image Credit: James_London

Since 2005, Cyra has lived in the UK, Portugal and Spain working as a professional tour guide. But it was Seville’s charm that captured her heart, and she hasn’t looked back since moving to her favorite city for food, wine and quality of life.

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