Devouring Spain’s Classic Dish: The Best Tortillas in Seville

The tried-and-true tortilla de patatas is Spanish food at its best.

It can’t get much simpler. All you need are some potatoes, eggs, salt, onions (though that’s up for debate) and olive oil. This classic dish reflects the heart of Spanish cooking: how simple ingredients come together to make something truly delicious. That being said, there are some tortillas that seem to go above and beyond. We’re not sure what it is that makes these the best tortillas in Seville, but trust us! Here’s where you’ll find this Spanish dish at its best in the Andalusian capital.

Want to try the best tortillas in Seville? Here are our picks for the best of the best!

La Taberna

If you’re looking for simple, delicious tapas, La Taberna is the place for you. This family-run spot serves up some seriously delicious traditional food, including one of the best tortillas in Seville! Miguel and María immediately help their guests to feel at home in their uniquely decorated bar that has been a local favorite for years. Whether you’re stopping by for a casual lunch or as a stop on your evening tapas crawl, this is one tortilla you can’t leave Seville without trying.

AddressCalle Gamazo, 6

Join us for lunch at La Taberna on our Tastes, Tapas & Traditions Tour! See for yourself why this beloved local establishment has won over the hearts (and tastebuds!) of sevillanos for years. By the end of the meal, you’ll feel practically local yourself!

Santa Marta

It’s no surprise that Santa Marta is home to one of the best tortillas in Seville. As this family-run bar’s current owner puts it, “we haven’t just been making it for 45 years continuously. We’re making it every single day, from the moment we open until we close.” Located just off of beautiful Plaza de San Andrés, it’s the perfect place to enjoy traditional tapas washed down by an ice-cold beer.

Address: Calle Angostillo, 2

Casa Marta prepares one of the best tortillas in Seville and has been doing so for 45 years.
Casa Marta’s tortilla is Spanish food perfection!

Bodegas Dos de Mayo

This lively tapas bar is popular for good reason. Bodegas Dos de Mayo serves one of the best tortillas in Seville, as well as one of the most unique! Their extensive menu includes a version with jamón, eggplant, and balsamic vinegar. In addition to their fabulous tortilla creations, they also serve up some of the most delicious traditional tapas in town, with a focus on seafood. You might have to elbow your way through a crowd of locals to snag a spot at the bar, but that just adds to the charm.

AddressPlaza de la Gavidia, 6

El Rinconcillo

As the oldest bar in Seville, it shouldn’t be any surprise that El Rinconcillo does just about everything right when it comes to food. After all, they’ve had nearly 350 years to perfect their recipes! Among them, you’ll find one of the best tortillas in Seville, made with only the highest quality products. The result is a perfectly gooey tortilla—neither raw nor dry—that will practically melt in your mouth. We recommend enjoying it with a glass of the bar’s fabulous sherry.

AddressCalle Gerona, 40

El Rinconcillo is famous for two reasons: it's the oldest bar in the city as well as home to one of the best tortillas in Seville!
El Rinconcillo’s claim to fame is its title as the oldest bar in the city.

Restaurante José Luis

Locals rave about the fabulous tapas at José Luis, among them one of the best tortillas in Seville. With plenty of eggs and the freshest potatoes possible, everything comes directly from local producers to guarantee quality. Here, they typically serve it as a generous tapa which is perfect when washed down with crisp white wine.

AddressPlaza De Cuba, 3

Devour more of Seville with us on our Tapas, Taverns & History Tour! This exclusive experience will transport you back in time to the Seville of the past. You’ll taste some of its most emblematic food and learn about the role each dish has played in Seville’s rich history. We hope you’re hungry!

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