Fall in Love Again at These Romantic Restaurants in Seville

With its stunning views over the river, Abades Triana is easily one of the most romantic restaurants in Seville!

From its jaw-dropping sights to its passionate culture, Seville is one of the most romantic cities in Spain. Its cobblestone streets are perfect for strolling hand-in-hand, and you’ll never tire of seeing its spectacular sights with that special someone. And of course, any romantic getaway wouldn’t be complete without a cozy meal in a beautiful […]

Top 10 Bars in Seville: Our All-Time Favorites

Bar El Comercio is one of our favorite bars in Seville for many reasons. Two of them are their fabulous churros and their delicious vermouth!

Eating and drinking your way around Seville is one of the best parts about visiting the city. It’s estimated that there are about 3,000 tapas bars in Seville, each one with its own flair and personality. Add that to the countless rooftop and cocktail bars, and you’ve got a city full of fantastic eats and […]

Where to Eat the Best Paella in Seville (Like a Local!)

L'Albufera is home to some of the best paella in Seville and more delicious rice dishes as well!

If there’s one food many visitors to Spain immediately seek out, it’s paella. However, the iconic rice-based dish isn’t as common throughout the peninsula as many tourists seem to think. In fact, it’s more of a regional specialty that hails from the city of Valencia on Spain’s east coast. Outside of Valencia, many restaurants hawking […]

The Best Places to Drink Sangria in Seville

We love drinking sangria in Seville on a sunny day!

Fruity, refreshing sangria is many visitors’ drink of choice in Seville. It’s popular for a reason! This delicious wine-based cocktail is best enjoyed straight from a pitcher on a sunny terrace with friends. Ready to drink some delicious sangria in Seville? Here are our top picks where you can enjoy this popular drink like a […]

Where to Eat in Seville on Mondays: 7 Delicious Picks

If you're wondering where to eat in Seville on Mondays, check out Vinería San Telmo!

Visitors to Seville may be surprised to learn that many bars and restaurants take Mondays off to relax and give the hard-working staff a break. In fact, at first it may seem nearly impossible to figure out where to eat in Seville on Mondays! Luckily, there are many delicious options beyond the tacky tourist traps. […]