7 Unique Ways to Enjoy Seville on Sundays

Sunday is the best day of the week to truly enjoy life like a local in Seville. Sevillanos take advantage of Sundays to squeeze in one last day of good food and time with friends and family before the week picks back up again. It’s the perfect day to enjoy the city at a relaxed pace […]

The Ultimate Vegetarian Guide to Seville

Garbanzos con espinacas (chickpeas and spinach) is one of our favorite tapas in our vegetarian guide to Seville!

Eating vegetarian in Seville is easier and more delicious than ever! Don’t let the giant legs of jamón that are so prevalent around town scare you off. Despite its meat-loving appearance on the surface, Seville is actually quite vegetarian friendly. In fact, some of the city’s most popular tapas are completely meat free! You just have to […]

Things To Do In Seville In January 2018

This blog post was originally posted on December 16, 2015, and was updated on December 21, 2017. After the wonderful high of the festive season, January can be a bit of a quiet month! For most of us, the holiday celebrations end on New Year’s Day. In Seville, even though the city welcomes the New Year […]

Where to Drink Craft Beer in Seville

This blog post was originally posted on August 25, 2015, and was updated on December 21, 2017. You could be forgiven for thinking that it is impossible to find anything other than Seville’s local brew, Cruzcampo, in bars in Seville. However, the good news is that craft beer in Seville is slowly becoming more popular, […]

Here’s How To Celebrate Three King’s Day In Seville

This blog post was originally posted on January 2, 2016, and was updated on December 14, 2017. Christmas may be over for most of us, but with Three King’s Day in Seville still to come, the festive fun is just beginning! Traditionally speaking, children don’t receive their Christmas gifts until January 6th (Day of the […]