Five Great Cycling Tours in Andalusia

This blog post was originally posted on May 24, 2015, and was updated on April 25, 2017.

If you want to enjoy the food and wine of Andalusia, but like to keep things a little active, a cycling tour is a great way to go!

Southern Spain offers the quintessential Spanish experience. We have it all – white washed villages, energetic flamenco performances, long warm summers, and of course, the food! Pedal through the countryside, learning about local wines and interesting delicacies along the way. Here are five great cycling tours in Andalusia.

Devour Seville's handy guide to 5 great cycling tours in Andalusia! Get on your bike and explore some of the beautiful scenery the south of Spain has to offer!

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Tour: Under the Andalusian Sky

Firstly, VBT makes sure that your appetite is suitably satisfied whilst taking in the spectacular views. (Clearly, this is high on our list of priorities…) On this tour, you’ll spend leisurely lunches with local hosts, partake in wine and olive oil tastings, and learn the secrets to preparing a regional specialty. This six-day trip takes you through the historically important and architecturally stunning cities of Seville, Cordoba, and Granada, but also makes sure you to experience the smaller villages and towns in-between.

Coming to Spain? For a different type of holiday check out these great cycling tours in Andalusia - that don't forget about the local food and wine. The beautiful terrain of Andalusia
The beautiful terrain of Andalusia – Photo: Cycling Country

Cycling Country

Tour: Enchanted Andalucia

This tour cycles from Seville to Campiña Cordobesa, a fertile region known for producing everything from peppers, artichokes, and olives, along the Ruta de Aceite (olive oil route). Then, onwards to the Lake District area of the Malaga Province where an evening meal is enjoyed with sunset views. Cycle past the coastal mountains and high plateaus, full of fields of towering vine tomatoes. Finish the eight-day adventure in the city of Granada, famous for its Moorish Palace, the Alhambra.

Coming to Spain? For a different type of holiday check out these great cycling tours in Andalusia - that don't forget about the local food and wine. Cycling through the hills of Andalusia
Cycling through the hills of Andalusia – Photo: Cycling Country

Trek Travel

Tour: Andalusia: Sun Drenched Sevilla to Historic Antequera

This six-day trip goes from the fascinating city of Seville, through the valleys and hills of Ronda, onwards to Andalusia’s ‘Lake District’, finishing in Malaga. Along the way, you will sample innovative and traditional cuisine prepared by top local chefs, experience tapas the Andalusian way, and taste local produce at a gourmet picnic. With its focus on local foods, we certainly like the sound of this!

Bike Spain

Tour: Andalusia and La Mancha Bike Tour

This seven-day bike tour has one important purpose in mind – to take you through southern Spain’s best vineyards. You will travel from the relatively unknown wine region of La Mancha to two different wine regions in sun-drenched Andalusia. Along the way, experience the varied terrain from the mountains to the valleys, the dramatic bridge, and gorge in the town of Ronda, and cycle through the land of Don Quixote.

Coming to Spain? For a different type of holiday check out these great cycling tours in Andalusia - that don't forget about the local food and wine. Spanish vineyards -An integral part of the Bike Spain tour experience
Spanish vineyards – An integral part of the Bike Spain tour experience- Photo: Juanedc

Experience Plus

Tour: Cycling Andalucia

And finally, we must mention Experience Plus. This is an 11-day cycling trip which takes you from Seville to Granada, passing through the foothills of the Sierra Morena mountains and the historic city of Cordoba. You’ll cycle over the hills and through the olive groves – with a visit to olive mills, past the vineyards and visit a “cave” winery only to find yourself pedaling past fields of asparagus and tobacco all the way to Granada.

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