Everything You Need To Know: How To Order Tapas In Malaga

From skewered ‘pinchos’ in Basque Country to fluffy ‘tortilla de patata’ in Madrid to fresh ‘boquerones’ along the Costa del Sol, tapas are a way of life in Spain.

Every region and city puts their own delicious spin on Spain’s favorite snacks, and Malaga is no exception! Follow our guide for how to order tapas in Malaga, and you’ll be enjoying tapas like a local in no time.

You're going to travel to Malaga. You know you want to eat tapas while here. But how do you take the leap and start ordering those tapas like a local? With our handy travel guide, that's how! Just follow our tips at the bars and restaurants in town and your time in Malaga will be beyond delicious. #travelmore #localtravel #tapas #foodie #spain #europe

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No Freebies

Perhaps you’ve grown accustomed to free tapas with your drinks in other cities. Unlike the nearby city of Granada, you have to pay for your delicious tapas in Malaga. But we promise it’s worth it! Don’t settle for that sad little plate of olives or vegetable salad. Order any one of Malaga’s most popular tapas. Whether it’s gambas or ajo blanco, you won’t be disappointed!

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Malaga doesn’t skimp on its snacks, and there is a size for every occasion! Don’t feel pressure to ask for everything at once. Enjoy your drink and your company by ordering just one or two tapas at a time. This is really important as the food generally leaves the kitchen as it’s ready, so you wouldn’t want to end up with a table of food going cold! See how big everything is, and remember, you can always ask for more! Here are a few key phrases for ordering tapas in Malaga:

Tapa: An individual serving or something that could be shared among two people to try a few different things. Generally big enough for two people to share.

Media Ración: Half portion. Bigger than a tapa and designed for sharing, or potentially could be a light meal for one person.

Ración: Full portion. A full plate of food, perfect for sharing with a group of people.

Menú del Día: Three-course meal for one person. Starter, main course and dessert. Usually served at lunch time.

Sharing Is Caring

We believe tapas are more than just delicious snacks. There’s more to them than meets the eyes. Tapas, specifically the act of sharing small plates, embody the Spanish value of community. The portion size is designed to encourage conversation. Revel in the intimacy of ordering tapas in Malaga and sharing the food with your companions. It’s all part of the cultural experience!

License to Chow: Traveling solo or just super hungry? Feel free to order tapas for yourself! There’s no stigma against enjoying ensalada malagueña or any of Malaga’s other delicious tapas on your own.

Wondering how to order tapas in Malaga? Order these delicious plates one by one, so they aren't all ready at the same time.
Hands up if you want to devour this delicious tapa of artichokes and Iberian ham!

Sip N’ Snack

As we’re sure you’re well aware, tapas are typically consumed with a beverage, often alcoholic. For wine lovers, Malaga has some lovely local vinos. The sweet Malaga wine makes for both an excellent aperitif or post-meal drink.

If you want to know how to order tapas in Malaga like a local, start by ditching the sangria and asking for a tinto de verano. A mix of red wine and lemon soda, it’s a refreshing respite from the summer heat.

Caffeine Fix: Whether it’s helping us start the day or picking us up in the afternoon, we can’t get enough coffee! In Malaga, we love variety. Did you know we have nine different coffees to choose from? Not to mention, our own way of ordering! Take your pick, and pair it with some churros for a sweet breakfast or lunch.

Wondering how to order tapas in Malaga? Hint: wash it down with a glass of local wine!
Sweet wine has been enjoyed more than just a few times at Malaga’s oldest wine bar! – Photo Credit: Dorte

Translating Tapas

You don’t think we’d send you off without some key phrases for ordering food in Malaga, do you? As colorful as our tapas, Malaga has its own foodie slang. It’s a bit different than some of the lingo you typically use when you order food in Spanish. Never fear, though! We have you covered with a quick lesson in our unique vocabulary for ordering tapas in Malaga.

Pitufo: A sandwich made with a miniature loaf of bread, eaten for breakfast. Toppings vary widely, including olive and tomato, butter and jam, and ham.

Chacina: Refers to deli meats or cold cuts such as ham, salami or chorizo.

Moraga: Beach barbecue. Since the 19th century, people have been fishing in shallow water and cooking their catches right on the beach.

Chiringuito: Any restaurant located right on the beach. Typically serves fish.

Espeto:  A skewer. Chringuitos are famous for sardines skewered and roasted over a pit of coals.

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