Introducing Our Tapas & Wine Tasting Tour

Tapas and wine are a part of daily life here in Spain…a part of daily life that I am quite happy to join in!

But it’s not just about having some good wine and food. It’s about discovering the local specialities and understanding a little bit about what you are eating and drinking. So we decided that it was about time that Devour Seville introduced a tapas and wine tasting experience!

When researching for this tour, I wanted to show of Spain’s wine and food in a fun and lighthearted way, so that guests would leave feeling like they had a fun night, but they had learnt a little too, without being overloaded with technical information. And in the end, I think that mission has been successful!

The tour takes places in the very center of the city, around Plaza Nueva and the Cathedral, which means the walking distance is quite short and it’s all about the wonderful wine, and of course the delicious tapas!

Sipping on wines, what could be better?! – Photo Credit: Ralf Smallkaa

But which wines did we select to try?

The thing about wines here is that as well as the wines from famous winemaking regions, such as Rioja and Ribera del Duero, we also have lots of fabulous local Andalusian wines. Some of them are from the Jerez wine making region– the sherry wines that have recently become trendy again in the bars of New York and London, but that we never stopped drinking here in Andalusia!– and of course more typical reds and whites from smaller winemaking regions in Andalusia. How could we give each the attention that they are worth? The answer: split the experience into two.

The traditional and unique wines from Andalusia

The first part of the experience visits two very historical bars, and that’s where you learn all about the traditional, unique, and widely misunderstood sherry wines. I love this part of the evening (or afternoon!) as it’s a great way to compare different wines, learn about them, and have fun while doing so (all accompanied by carefully chosen tapas, of course!).

Sampling sherry wines on our Tapas & Wine Tasting Tour
Sampling sherry wines on our Tapas & Wine Tasting Tour

The modern style reds and whites from Andalusia and the rest of Spain

Then the second part of the evening is when we sit down to a great dinner at a restaurant that experiments a little more with the cuisine (think typical dishes done and presented in a lovely and interesting way) and that’s where you learn all about the modern-style red and white wines.

Figuring out which wines were the ones to be sampled meant that I had to do a whole lot of sipping myself– being a wine lover, a certainly found it easy to oblige! In the end we decided to try both a white and a red from lesser-known winemaking regions in Andalusia, as well as a red from the famous Rioja winemaking region (having lived myself in Logroño, the capital city of Rioja– where my love affair with Spanish wines begun– I personally felt this was a very important addition!)

After a fun 2.5 hours that gives you an overview of different types of Spanish wines I’m sure that you will find your Spanish wine journey is only just beginning, as of course, we will leave you armed with the tips and knowledge of where to find– and how to order!– these fabulous wines (and more!) for yourself.

Delicious food and wine goes hand in hand on our Tapas & Wine Tasting Tour!
Delicious food and wine goes hand in hand on our Tapas & Wine Tasting Tour!

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