Salted Fish and Beyond: The Most Popular Tapas in Malaga

With approximately 2,800 years under its belt, Malaga is one of the oldest cities in the world. Some historians believe the name is derived from the Phoenician word for salt: malaha.

Even the city’s earliest inhabitants, who witnessed fish being salted near the harbor on a daily basis, knew a good tapa when they saw one! Fish still rank high on the list of most popular tapas in Malaga! But what else do they like to snack on in the south of Spain? Read on for our list of the best tapas in Malaga! The Andalusian city by the sea has tapas to suit everyone’s taste buds!

One of our favorite things about Malaga is easily the food. There's nothing like it in Spain! For your next trip to Malaga, make sure you try these tapas at the bars and restaurants in town. You're going to have a delicious stay in the Costa del Sol! #tourism #vacationideas #tapas #foodie #foodblog #summertravel #europe

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Would a trip to the Costa del Sol be complete without sampling some scrumptious seafood? We don’t think so! But where to begin? You can’t go wrong with arguably one of Malaga’s most popular tapas: espeto de sardinas (sardines on spits).

Roasted over an open flame, this dish is more than meets the eye. Served in beachfront bars called chiringuitos, the preparation requires proper carving technique for the roasting spears, which must be hammered into the sand at just the right depth. Additionally, the temperature of the fire has to be controlled lest the sardines go dry. Best to leave it to an expert!

More delicious seafood: If you need a break from fried fish, order a plate of boiled shrimp. Sometimes you need something healthy but don’t want to sacrifice taste, which is why we included it on our list of favorite tapas in Malaga. But be prepared to do your own peeling, including pulling off the heads! 


Even though these little fish are technically seafood, we had to give them their own category because boquerones are that big of a deal in Malaga! Start with boquerones en vinagre (anchovies in vinegar), which pairs exquisitely with a glass of white wine. Next up is boquerones fritos (fried anchovies). Pop one into your mouth (bones and all!), and you’ll understand why boquerones are among the best tapas in Malaga.

One of the most popular tapas in Malaga are boquerones (white anchovies) marinated in vinegar.
‘Boquerones en vinagre’ are a local favorite!

Ajo Blanco

We won’t lie: Spain is hot in the summer. Make like Spaniards and escape to the coast! Malaga is waiting with its gorgeous beaches and refreshing tapas. One of the most popular tapas in Malaga during the summer months is ajo blanco. Served cold, this delicious almond and garlic soup will get you through any heat wave. Often garnished with grapes, this one of our favorite vegetarian tapas in Malaga.

Want more hot weather eats? Be sure to try another favorite tapa of Malaga: ensalada malagueña! It’s made with potato, orange, hard boiled egg, onion, salted cod and olives. This fancy potato salad is dressed delicately with just a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper.

Porra Antequerana

Like ajo blanco, porra antequerana is another of Malaga’s most popular tapas during summer. Similar to salmorejo, porra antequerana is a thick cold tomato soup. It’s made using bits of crusty bread, tomato, olive oil and garlic. Most establishments will top it with tuna, hard boiled egg and/or ham. Yum!

Keep on eating:  Had your fill of chilled soups and craving something on the sweeter side? Try berenjenas de miel (eggplant with honey). Using only a pinch of flour and fresh oil, the thinly-sliced eggplant is lightly fried then drizzled with miel de caña (cane honey). You’ll fall in love with the salty-sweet combination. Best of all, the miel is produced locally in the town of Frigiliana.

Porra antequerana is one of the most popular tapas in Malaga and great to eat during the summer
What could be better in summer than eating delicious cold soups, a local favorite!

More Local Products

Being proud of Malaga’s local products is easy when they taste this good! In need of a quick snack? Pick up some fried marcona almonds from the market or street vendors. We also can’t get enough of our aloreña olives. These particular olives are general flavored with herbs and might be stronger than what you’re used to eating. Don’t be shy though! It’s one of our favorites tapas in Malaga.

Local knowledge: You’re probably wanting a drink to wash down all the tapas you’re tasting. Try our famous sweet Malaga wine. It’s made using moscatel raisins, which you can buy in the Atarazanas Market

Cured Meats

Malaga’s tapa scene has the whole food pyramid covered…the foodie pyramid that is! Various types of sausages are made locally. One of the most popular tapas in Malaga shares the city’s name: salchichón de Malaga. Softer than typical Spanish salchichón, you won’t want to leave the city without trying it.

Local Tip: Fans of jamón ibérico (so, just about everyone) should visit Beher (Plaza del Siglo, 38). The owners have been producing top quality Iberian acorn-fed ham for decades. Fittingly, Beher is home to some expert slicers. Ask for it to go or sit down and enjoy your freshly sliced jamón while taking in the gorgeous view from the terrace.

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