Where to Eat the Best Paella in Seville (Like a Local!)

If there’s one food many visitors to Spain immediately seek out, it’s paella.

However, the iconic rice-based dish isn’t as common throughout the peninsula as many tourists seem to think. In fact, it’s more of a regional specialty that hails from the city of Valencia on Spain’s east coast. Outside of Valencia, many restaurants hawking paella are unfortunately tourist traps quickly reheating frozen rice (the good stuff takes time to cook!). Luckily, it is possible to find delicious, authentic paella in Seville, as well as other lesser-known Spanish rice dishes. Here’s where to enjoy paella and rice like a local in Seville!

Looking for the best paella in Seville? Here's where you can find it, as well as more equally delicious rice dishes!

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La Paella Sevilla

Owned and operated by a Valencian family, La Paella Sevilla is home of the most authentic paella in Seville. Their menu is small, with only six options, but that just guarantees that everything will be prepared to perfection. In addition to delicious paella, they also serve up some lesser-known (at least among visitors) but equally delicious dishes such as arroz a banda (a rice and seafood dish from Valencia) and fideuà (think paella but with noodles instead of rice!).

AddressCalle Albuera, 11

For the best paella in Seville (and more!), we recommend La Paella Sevilla. Try their fideuà, too!
Switch things up and try some fideuà—paella’s noodle-based cousin!

Gago 6

You’ll have to wait a while for the fabulous paella at Gago 6, but that’s a good thing. That means they’re making it fresh from scratch while you snack on their delicious tapas! As home to some of the best paella in Seville, they cook it to perfection with a nice, crispy socarrat on the bottom (the sign of a great paella!). The cozy interior and beautiful outdoor terrace are both perfect for enjoying your paella, tapas and an ice-cold beer.

AddressCalle Mateos Gago, 6

The best paella in Seville always has a crispy socarrat!
See that crispy edge? That’s socarrat! Photo credit: Kent Wang


You’ll have to hike a little ways away from the city center to get to L’Albufera, but the trek is well worth it. Named for the lake region near Valencia where paella was born, this fabulous restaurant is a local favorite for paella in Seville. They offer more than 30 varieties of paella and other authentic Valencian rice dishes, all served in generous portions in the cast-iron skillet it was cooked in. The prices are practically unbeatable for the quality as well! To minimize your wait time, be sure to call ahead and order your paella in advance so it will be ready when you arrive.

AddressAvenida Paseo de Europa, 19

L'Albufera is home to some of the best paella in Seville and more delicious rice dishes as well!
You can’t go wrong with any of the fabulous rice dishes at L’Albufera!

El 3 de Oro

Since 1917, El 3 de Oro has served up both traditional Andalusian dishes as well as some of the best paella in Seville. Its traditional, old-world decor prove that not much has changed here in over a century. All of their dishes are lovingly prepared with fresh, local ingredients for a true farm-to-table experience (or sea-to-table, in the case of their exquisite lobster paella!). However, no matter if you choose a hearty rice dish or some of their delicious, smaller tapas, you’re sure to leave happy.

Address: Calle Santa María la Blanca, 34

We love the tapas at El 3 de Oro, and they also serve some of the best paella in Seville!
Going out for tapas in Seville is always a good idea!

Enrique Becerra

Looking for some of the best home cooking in Seville? Head to Enrique Becerra, an award-winning, family-run restaurant where you’ll immediately feel at home. They serve up some of the best paella in Seville (just ask Harrison Ford, who ordered it when he dined at Becerra in 2016!) as well as a full menu of delicious and innovative tapas. Be sure to ask your server for a wine recommendation from their fabulous list as well!

AddressCalle Gamazo, 2

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