Eating Gluten Free in Seville: The Ultimate Guide

Not sure where to eat in Seville with kids? Anywhere serving tortilla de patatas is sure to be a hit!

This blog post was originally posted on May 27, 2015, and was updated on July 31, 2018. We might be in the land of ‘tostada,’ but eating gluten free in Seville doesn’t have to be difficult! When people think of Spanish food, they’re often reminded of bread and flour—especially in Seville, a city known for its wonderful […]

Where to Eat Near Plaza Nueva in Seville

If you're not sure where to eat near Plaza Nueva in Seville, head to Mamarracha for some seriously incredible ribs!

With its lovely orange trees and ornate architecture, Plaza Nueva is one of Seville’s most emblematic squares. It’s home to the city hall, the famous statue of Fernando III and countless meetups among local friends. Plaza Nueva is Seville’s most central square and a great starting point when setting out to visit the city. If […]

Granada’s Top 10 Bars: Our All-Time Favorites

The best bars in Granada are simple: sometimes house vermouth and quality cured meats are all you need!

This blog post was originally posted on February 1, 2018, and was updated on April 16, 2019.  In a city like Granada, where bar culture is an integral part of everyday life, narrowing down the best bars is a tall order. Stop five different granadinos on the street and ask them what their favorite bar in town […]