Spectacular Sunset Spots in Seville

The top of Metropol Parasol is easily our favorite place to experience the sunset in Seville!

Seville takes on a special kind of magic as the sun goes down. The evening light blanketing the city makes it seem even more enchanting (if that’s even possible!). Want to really experience the magic of a sunset in Seville? Head to one of these beautiful spots for an evening you’ll remember forever. (Then from […]

Where to Eat Near Seville’s Cathedral: Top 7 Picks

If you're wondering where to eat near Seville's cathedral, La Azotea is the answer!

Despite its popularity among tourist crowds, Seville’s iconic cathedral is surrounded by plenty of authentic, local bars and restaurants. You might just have to look a little harder to find them! Figuring out where to eat near Seville’s cathedral can be a tall order, especially if you’re not used to navigating the narrow, winding streets […]

7 Unique Ways to Enjoy Seville on Sundays

Sunday is the best day of the week to truly enjoy life like a local in Seville. Sevillanos take advantage of Sundays to squeeze in one last day of good food and time with friends and family before the week picks back up again. It’s the perfect day to enjoy the city at a relaxed pace […]