The Best Places for Churros in Malaga

This blog post was originally posted on April 4th, 2016 and was updated on May 11th, 2017

Churros may be one of the quintessential Spanish foods.

The crispy fried dough will forever conjure up memories of late nights dancing at the fair, a rainy day treat while shopping with a friend, or just a special breakfast on those days that we need a little extra pick me up! The real question, however, is where to find the best churros. It was a hard job, but we’ve found the best places for churros in Malaga!

The best places for churros in Malaga

Los Valle

In Malaga we have a special kind of churro nicknamed the “tejeringo.” The funny name comes from the thing they use to shoot the dough into the hot oil. It looks like a “jeringuilla” (a syringe). This is the most malagueño of the churros and at Los Valle they are doing it right! This little hole in the wall place is not fancy, but you can find some of the best churros in Malaga inside. You might just pass by if it weren’t for the delicious smell of fried dough. Make sure to try the hot chocolate as well, it’s delicious! What’s even better are the prices! Since Los Valle is still very much a part of the neighborhood El Perchel, the prices haven’t gone up as much as the churro shops you’ll find in the center.
Calle Cuarteles, 54

Casa Aranda

Casa Aranda has been famous for churros in Malaga since 1932
Casa Aranda has been famous for churros in Malaga since 1932

It’s impossible to make a list of places to eat churros in Malaga without including Casa Aranda. This is a classic if ever there was one! What began as one shop has expanded into all the surrounding buildings and even a store a few blocks down. It is an institution and the churros are excellent. If you come to Malaga during the holidays you will likely have to fight for a table as the locals all love to get their churros here. Without a doubt this is one of the best places for churros in Malaga.
Calle Herrería del Rey, 1

Café Madrid

You may have heard people talk about porras versus churros. The difference between these two types of fried dough is easy to see. The porras (which are the kind of churros you will find at Casa Aranda and many places in Andalusia) are thicker with more air. Think “porous.” These are great for soaking up hot chocolate. Meanwhile churros are typically thinner and more dense. The latter is what you will find at Café Madrid. Deliciously crispy and perfect for dunking, these are surely in the running for the best churros in Malaga. The café has been around since 1892, so it’s well worth a stop!
Calle de la Calderería, 1

Bar El Caracol

Delicious churros in Malaga
Close up of some “porras” style churros in Malaga

This classic bar in the neighborhood of La Victoria in Malaga (just north of the Plaza de la Merced) is known for their tejeringos and Madrid style churros. Both are delicious along with coffee or hot chocolate. It’s open early (at 5:30am) and closes at 2pm, so don’t try to come for an afternoon snack!
Calle Cristo de la Epidemia, Málaga

Cafeteria Oña

Found near the hospital in the classic Malaga neighborhood of La Trinidad, Cafeteria Oña has been around for over 40 years and they say the secret to their success is using brand new oil every morning to make some of the best churros in Malaga. They have been really successful and, as legend has it if you put all the churros they ever made together on one enormous plate, it would outweigh Mt. Everest. We aren’t sure if that’s actually true, but we do know they are experts in making churros.

Plaza Hospital Civil, 7

The best places for churros in Malaga have great chocolate too!
Churros are better with thick and creamy hot chocolate.

Churros are probably one of our favorite treats. Try them with chocolate or with some sugar sprinkled on top. We also enjoy them dunked in coffee instead of chocolate. This is better for breakfast because you won’t get such a sugar rush, and you get your morning coffee to boot!

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