Top 10 Tapas Bars in Granada

Tapas are one of the best-known examples of Spanish cuisine, and there’s no better place to enjoy them than Granada.

The tapas scene in Granada is one of the best in Spain. Served free with your drink more often than not, these bite-sized delights allow you to sample a variety of Spanish flavors without hurting your wallet. It’s the perfect way to spend an evening out! Here are our top picks for tapas bars in Granada. Try one (or all 10!) and you’ll see why we’re obsessed.

Tapas are some of the most popular Spanish foods for a good reason. Enjoy these yummy bites in Andalusia at our top picks for tapas bars in Granada!

1. La Bodeguita

You’ll have to leave Granada proper for this one, but it’s well worth the 10-minute bus ride to the suburb of La Chana. Out of all the tapas joints in La Chana’s Las Torres dining district, La Bodeguita is the biggest and most popular among locals.

Our personal favorite is the lomo stroganoff, a pork loin sandwich with a delicious pickle sauce. Vegetarians needn’t worry: among their huge variety of tapas are many plant-based options.

Address: Calle Raya, 3

2. Los Manueles

The iconic Los Manueles has delighted customers in Granada’s historic center since 1917. Their selection of tapas include the best (and biggest!) croquettes in town. The tapas menu varies based on the time of day, but nothing at this local favorite disappoints.

Los Manueles is also one of the classiest tapas bars in Granada. Locals love this classic establishment as a place to celebrate birthdays and other special occasions.

Address: Calle Reyes Católicos, 61

Los Manueles has been one of the best tapas bars in Granada for 100 years.
The iconic Los Manueles has been a Granada favorite for 100 years. Photo credit: Los Manueles

3. La Sitarilla

This family-run restaurant is truly a hidden gem. It’s one of the best-quality tapas bars in Granada. We can’t get enough of their fantastic carne en salsa and delightful meatballs—even the french fries are enough to make any diner fall in love!

Don’t be put off by La Sitarilla‘s seemingly small size, either. There’s a second dining room inside, providing plenty of space to enjoy tapas and drinks in lots of good company.

Address: Calle San Miguel Alta, 7

Albóndigas (meatballs) are a classic Spanish tapa. We love the ones at La Sitarilla, one of the best tapas bars in Granada!
A few homemade albóndigas in hearty sauce = tapas heaven!

4. La Botillería

Traditional cuisine meets modern cooking methods at La Botillería. The Spanish recipes reinvented in pleasantly surprising ways are delicious and priced fairly. We recommend the carrillada tapa: pork cheeks with plum and Pedro Ximenez sauce. Yum!

Address: Calle Varela, 10

Carrillada is a tender meat dish sometimes served as a tapa in Spain. Try it at one of the many tapas bars in Granada!
Who’s hungry? We sure could go for some carrillada!

5. Bodegas Espadafor

Looking for the full Andalusian experience? We’ve got just the spot. Despite its central location just off of Granada’s busy Gran Vía, walking into Bodegas Espadafor will make you think you’ve stepped back in time to the beginning of the 20th century. The traditional atmosphere is the perfect place to enjoy a glass of vermouth and migas de la casa (fried breadcrumbs with chorizo).

Address: Calle Tinajilla s/n

Vermouth is found at many tapas bars in Granada and makes a perfect accompaniment to any Spanish dish.
Tapas and vermouth: a match made in heaven!

6. Los Pensadores

Los Pensadores is a lovely and modern restaurant with innovative cuisine. It’s a great place to enjoy casual tapas as well as an elegant dinner. You can’t go wrong with the homemade albóndigas (meatballs) and Russian salad!

Los Pensadores also has their own winery in the nearby village of Santa Fe, so give one of their local wines a try! More of a beer person? This is one of the best places to enjoy an ice-cold glass of local Alhambra beer with your meal.

Address: Calle Alhamar, 21

Enjoy a night out in one of the many tapas bars in Granada and order a cold Alhambra beer with your meal.
Alhambra beer is a Granada classic. Cheers!

7. Rincón de Rodri

Get out of Granada’s busy touristic center and enjoy a gigantic tapa at Rincón de Rodri. The tapas are so big, in fact, that they could easily be confused for full meals! This is also one of the best seafood places in town, with fresh fish brought from the coast of Granada province every day.

Address: Calle Músico Vicente Zarzo, 3

Rincón de Rodri is one of the best tapas bars in Granada and especially famous for their fried seafood.
Nothing beats a plate of freshly fried boquerones shared with friends.

8. Bodega de Vinny

This tiny place is well worth the effort of trying to find a table! If you’re lucky and on your best behavior, you’ll get up to three tapas with your first drink (usually, only rowdy teenagers are “punished” with fewer tapas). Tapas can’t be chosen, but the quality and quantity are amazing.

Insider’s Tip: Get to Bodega de Vinny before it opens at 20:30 in order to grab the best table!

Address: Calle Sol, 3

9. Malvasía

This newly opened favorite has a lovely ambiance, making it a great place to relax and sip wine while talking with friends. The expert sommeliers at Malvasía can give personalized recommendations based on your taste in wine. The made-to-order tapas (we recommend the secreto ibérico!) are easily adaptable for vegetarians and other diners with dietary restrictions.

Address: Calle Virgen del Rosario, 10

10. Casa Fuensanta – La Bodeguilla de al Lado

You won’t find anywhere that has quite the same genuine charm of Casa Fuensanta. This 25-year-old tavern is home to a delicious lomo de orzo tapa, pork loin so richly cooked that it almost looks like cheese! Try it with a full-bodied red wine—owner Fuensanta will be happy to give you her recommendations.

Looking for an edible souvenir? Check out Petra next door, which is owned by Fuensanta as well. This delicatessen specializes in local products like olive oil or wine, and also has private wine tastings, or catas.

Address: Calle Tendillas de Santa Paula, 4

Casa Fuensanta is more than just one of the best tapas bars in Granada. It's also got a great selection of wines.
Casa Fuensanta is a wine lover’s heaven!

Want to enjoy tasty tapas, rich local wines and more? Join us on our Tapas, Taverns & History Tour and get your fill of both food and history! 

Not only will you visit one of the best tapas bars in Granada, but you’ll also learn about the rich history and culture of this gorgeous city. We’ll take you through Granada’s winding cobblestone streets to some of the best local eateries you’ve never heard of, and you’ll discover the city’s secrets one bite at a time. We hope you’re hungry!

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