Eat Your Veggies! Our Top 7 Vegetarian Tapas in Granada

Gone are the days when the announcement that you’re a vegetarian in Spain would invariably be met with a confused stare and the response, “But of course you eat ham, right?”

Well, nearly. While the demand for meat-free offerings in Granada is not as high as in other parts of the world, things are beginning to change! There is now a wide range of establishments with vegetarian tapas in Granada. Here we’ve gathered some of the best vegetarian dishes alongside a few of the long-standing traditional favorites for those who don’t eat meat.

Vegetarians, rejoice! Here's how to enjoy the culinary delights of southern Spain—we've got you started with a list of the best vegetarian tapas in Granada.

Pimientos de Padrón

This dish is an absolute Spanish staple. These little green peppers from Galicia are now available in traditional bars nationwide. Mention them to a Spaniard and expect to hear the oft-repeated phrase: “Los pimientos de Padrón. Algunos pican y otros no!” (Padrón peppers, some are hot, and some are not!) You’ve been warned! For anyone after vegetarian tapas in Granada, this is a perfect place to start. They are a delicious snack served drenched in olive oil and sprinkled with good rock salt. And what’s more, you can find them almost anywhere in the city!

Pimientos de padrón are a classic tapa in Spain and one of the best vegetarian tapas in Granada.
Which of these pimientos de padrón is the hottest? Guess we’ll have to eat them and find out!

Selection of toasts at Hicuri Art Vegan

Hicuri Art Vegan’s selection of toasts with toppings is undoubtedly one of the top finds in town for vegetarians. Ranging from €1.50 to about €4, they’re simple but fantastically fresh. You can even choose your bread—they’ve got gluten free and rye options. As for toppings, we like avocado and tomato!

Address: Plaza de los Girones, 4

If you’re traveling to Granada and want to make sure you taste the very best of vegetarian tapas, join us on any of our experiences and tours—we’re happy to adapt our experiences to you! Learn all about Granada and its rich history while enjoying some of the city’s best vegetarian bites.

The Couscous at El Ojú

El Ojú has taken the increased demand for vegetarian tapas in Granada and melded it with the traditional Spanish practice of offering it free with a drink. Upon ordering a drink here, you’ll get a menu to select the tapa of your choice, and the variety is pretty impressive. The couscous is the stand-out dish, while the tofu wraps are also superb!

Address: Calle Gral. Narváez, 4

El Ojú is one of the best spots to eat yummy vegetarian tapas in Granada, including this vegan couscous.
The vegan couscous at El Ojú is one of the best tapas in Granada, meatless or not! Photo credit: Vegan World Traveller

Veggie empanadas at Papaupa

Featured in a New York Times article about changing food trends in Granada, this place refers to its menu as “retro-fusion.” A quick glance across the broad menu quickly helps you see why! Catering to both vegetarians and vegans, your drink order is accompanied by a generous tapa. Simply make sure you specify your desired freebie upon ordering—the veggie empanadas come highly recommended! Please note meat is also served here.

Address: Calle Molinos, 16

Veggie empanadas are a great option for vegetarian tapas in Granada and a meatless twist on a Spanish classic.
There are plenty of empanadas to go around!

Berenjenas con miel

The beauty of this dish, fried eggplant covered in sugar cane honey, is its simplicity. You’ll find this traditional tapa all across the city—not only in vegetarian establishments! Check out our blog on some of the best tapas spots in Granada where you’re bound to come across this Spanish treat.

Berenjenas a la miel are one of the most popular vegetarian tapas in Granada, and across all of Spain.
Fresh eggplants are one of the many varieties of delicious (and inexpensive!) produce you can find in Spain. You’ll also find them pickled, seen above!

Dip it! At Paprika Granada

This trendy restaurant is a bit steeper on price than others in Granada, but it prides itself on offering the highest quality vegetarian cuisine. Tapas are not gifted with a drink purchase here, but the entrantes menu offers some real gems if you’re looking for a light snack. The “Dip it!” is a sharing plate of four different dips served alongside fresh raw vegetables and tortilla chips. A great companion to an ice-cold round of beers!  

Address: Cuesta de Abarqueros, 3

The Dip It! platter at Paprika is one of the best vegetarian tapas in Granada, with different varieties of hummus that are perfect to share with friends.
Grab some friends and share the Dip It! platter at Paprika. Photo credit: Trip Advisor

Moroccan tapas at Café OMKA

Moroccan cuisine has always gone hand-in-hand with vegetarianism, and this place is no exception. As far as vegetarian tapas in Granada are concerned, this rustic café simply serves some of the best. Many dishes left behind by the city’s Moorish past are both mouth-watering and meat-free. Stand-by classics include falafel, hummus and baba ganoush. Additionally, a particular mention should be saved for the pumpkin and sesame seed cream served with flat breads!

Address: Calle Jardines, 17

For the chance to delve deeper into Granada’s eclectic blend of cuisines left behind by its fascinating history, join us on one of our entertaining and informative food and culture tours, all of which can easily be adapted to vegetarian! 

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