Four Must-See Christmas Markets in Seville in 2017

This blog post was originally posted on November 13th, 2015, and was updated on December 7th, 2017.

With Christmas fast approaching, locals and tourists alike flock to the Christmas markets in Seville.

A Christmas market is the perfect place to find that unique gift and generally enjoy the festive atmosphere! Seville is a city steeped in tradition, and Christmas time is no exception. The city is decorated with sparkling lights, and the whole central area is coated in festive cheer as the children await the arrival of the Reyes Magos!

As people set off in search of the best bargains for their seasonal shop, most locals abandon major chain stores and brand names to rummage through the stalls of a festive market one of our absolute favorite things to do in December. Here we outline the four must-see Christmas markets in Seville!

With Christmas just around the corner, seasonal markets are popping up all over Spain! Here are four must-see traditional Christmas Markets in Seville!

Mercado Navideño de Artesanía

Situated in the city center, right in front of the Town Hall, the Mercado Navideño de Artesanía specializes in handcrafted pieces made by local craftsmen. This market is considered by many to be the most important of all the Christmas markets in Seville. The products, across almost 80 stands, range from ceramics to jewelry, wooden toys to clothes, all done in typical Andalusian style.

Given its central location, this market is perhaps the busiest in all of Seville. However, don’t let the crowds intimidate you. Get stuck in and you’re sure to come away with a great Christmas gift, something special and typical of Seville!

Where: Plaza Nueva
When: 15th of December – 5th of January

When speaking about the best Christmas markets in Seville, many locals will name the craft market in Plaza Nueva, a real must see in the city!
The Artisanal Craft Market by Plaza Nueva is one of the most popular Christmas markets in Seville

Mercados Navideño Sevilla Centro

Each year, the market at Seville’s Metropol Parasol monument is linked with that of one of the city’s trendiest neighborhoods, the Alameda. The market beneath the monument itself focuses on handcrafts and other artisanal items. However, the Alameda will be the center of fun for all the family, with many new additions to the lineup. These include a colorful light maze in the center of the Alameda (open from December 16th). Also, you can visit the exciting ‘Snowball’, where people can feel the sensation of snow on their faces, perhaps for the first time (open from December 22nd).

In combining a traditional marketplace with a variety of attractions and performances for the kids, this is a festive experience for the whole family! Expect Disney characters, presents and many more seasonal surprises spread across two locations as part of one of our favorite Christmas markets in Seville.

Where: Plaza de la Encarnación and Alameda de Hércules
When: 12th of December – 5th of January

Feria del Belén

This year marks the 24th year of the Feria del Belén in Seville, but the market itself forms part of a festive tradition that has been present in homes all throughout Spain for much longer; the displaying of the nativity scene. This market is one of the most important nativity markets of its type in the country. The main products you’ll find here are figurines and background materials to add to the nativity display. However, expect to see many ornate, handcrafted decorations for the Christmas tree too. Visiting this market, one of the most intriguing Christmas markets in Seville, is a truly unique cultural experience.

Also, don’t be surprised to see some figures caught with their pants down!! The tradition of placing a figure known as a cagón in a hidden part of the nativity scene ‘doing their business’ has many origin stories. One of which is that they originated in Catalonia and served to fertilize the soil of the nativity scene for the following year. As the tradition spread to other parts of the country, it has become a form of satire for many families. Many of these figurines now depict people from politics or popular culture, acting as a comment on certain aspects of society.

Where: Avenida de la Constitución
When: 18th of November – 23rd of December

The Feria del Belen is one of the most iconic Christmas markets in Seville for its intricate pieces and figurines
The detail of the Nativity scenes in Spain is astonishing, and the fascinating Feria del Belen reflects that

Mercado Navideño Sevilla Capital

This Christmas market is outside Nervión Plaza, a large commercial area just a few minutes’ walk from the city center. Since its inauguration in 2011, the market has been rapidly gaining popularity.

Much like the other traditional markets in the city, the goods on sale here are handcrafted, traditional pieces. You can find anything from jewelry to art to clothing. What sets this particular market apart are the log cabins that serve as stalls for the vendors. Each cabin has a special design that is, until the last moment, kept a well-guarded secret!

Where: Avenida Luis de Morales, Nervión
When: 1st of December – 5th of January

Planning on taking a trip to beautiful Seville this winter time? Join us on one of our food tours to soak up some festive atmosphere under the sparkling glow of the city’s Christmas lights. We’re looking forward to meeting you in Seville soon!

After studying in Andalusia, Jaimie made sure he was on the first possible flight back to Seville—the day after graduation! Many years later, he is fully immersed in Spain’s culinary world and has shown thousands of guests the secrets of sherry and tapas.

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